Esther Bankert, PhD, RN

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 Dr. Bankert is a Faculty Program Director in the Bachelor of Science nursing program at Excelsior College. She has held several academic positions that include professor, dean of nursing, and provost within the State University of New York and developed curriculum for RN to BS in Nursing as well as graduate courses and program in nursing education. Dr. Bankert served as a nurse consultant in curriculum development and evaluation and promotes professional excellence across undergraduate and graduate nursing programs.

Her interests include the art and science of caring, mentoring and transformational leadership, and creating student-centered learning environments in traditional and online environments. She has co-authored the chapter Patient Centered Care in the 2014 springer nursing textbook, Introduction to Quality and Safety Education for Nurses: Core Competencies (Eds. Kelly, P., Christie-McAuliffe, C., & Vottero, B.).  Dr. Bankert’s current research involves a multisite, multi-generational series of studies related to the grandparenting role and its impact on health and well-being. The preliminary study completed focuses on Meaningful Grandparent Interactions and the Lived Experiences of Older Adults Assuming Traditional Grandparent Roles. The research series underway include studies on the impact of grand-parenting roles on perceived stress, cortisol levels, and resilience; and grandparent engagement on health and well-being. The goal of grandparenting research is to advance population health across generations and to inform public policy on issues related to family, elder relations and children.