Podcast with Dr. Barbara Pieper


Dr. Barbara Pieper, director of the Robert E. Kinsinger Institute for Nursing Excellence at Excelsior College, joins the podcast to discuss the institute’s launch, objectives, scholarship agenda, support services, and future plans.

1:20 The mission of the Robert E. Kinsinger Institute.
1:48 Legacy of Dr. Robert E. Kinsinger.
3:17 A radical change in nursing education 1950s.
4:40 Serving students.
5:35 Faculty professional development.
6:08 Supporting faculty research.
6:45 Expanding collaboration.
7:21 Embracing the challenge of running a nursing institute.
8:23 Looking ahead. The Institute in 2019.

Show Notes

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“Robert E. Kinsinger: Getting a Great idea Off the Ground”