Robert E. Kinsinger, EdD

biopicDr. Robert E. Kinsinger has devoted his career to improving nursing education. From the time he was a graduate student at Columbia University Teachers College, his energies have moved mountains to create reasonable pathways to becoming a registered nurse. Excelsior College has been fortunate to participate in Kinsinger’s solutions. In the 1970s, through his work as a program officer and vice president of the W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Kinsinger supported the Foundation’s funding of the College’s unique nursing model and degree programs. Later, in the 1980s and 1990s, Kinsinger became a leader of the College, serving for ten years as chair of the Board of Overseers to its predecessor organization, Regents College, and then as a founding trustee of Excelsior College when it became a separate, free-standing institution. Today, Kinsinger is an esteemed Trustee Emeritus for Excelsior and an active and vital counselor to the Board of Trustees and the College’s leadership.

Kinsinger earned a Doctor of Education degree from Columbia University and master’s and bachelor’s degrees from Stanford University.

We honored Dr. Kinsinger by establishing the Robert E. Kinsinger Institute for Nursing Excellence.

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